Small side projects I've done over the years.

Temperament Test

After taking this test multiple times on paper I figured it'd be nice to have an online version.


Giftings Test

I didn't like the online version of this test, so I created this version.


Clubs Trump Scoring

After getting tired of looking for a piece of paper and a pen I made this to be able to keep track of score. It's even evolved into a iOS app.

View View iOS App

iFrame Tester

I created this to make testing of responsive pages & other iframes easier. It's come in real handy to see what a page would look like at different resolutions.


Scripture Memorizer

I created this to help me memorize Bible verses for a class I was taking.


Quick Woot

After checking out everyday and having to scroll over each item I figured I would make it a little easier.


DM Soundboard

A fun little soundboard.


RL Soundboard

Another fun little soundboard.